A Greener World...

At Filik Textile, with the goal of a sustainable environment and a greener world, we shape our environmental policy according to the following principles:


Renewable Energy Usage: We rely on electricity generated through Solar Energy Systems (SES) to ensure maximum use of green energy in our operations and commit to minimizing the use of fossil fuels like natural gas.


Waste Management and Recycling: We take proactive steps in reducing and managing waste produced during the manufacturing process, collecting this waste using modern technologies and repurposing it as raw materials in other areas of the textile industry.


Sustainability Certifications: We guarantee the transparency and sustainability of our production standards and environmental practices with internationally recognized certifications like the Global Recycled Standard.


Energy Efficiency: We monitor energy consumption in our processes and facilities to manage energy use efficiently and regularly review our energy efficiency goals.


Environmental Awareness and Education: We provide training on environmental responsibilities to all our employees, suppliers, and business partners and cultivate a corporate culture that promotes environmental awareness.


Continuous Improvement: We commit to continuously enhancing our environmental performance by monitoring and evaluating it regularly, thereby fulfilling our commitment to improve our environmental management system and sustainability practices continuously.


These principles reflect our deep commitment to the environment and our responsibility to protect our planet as Filik Textile. Our environmental policy is an integral part of our business practice, and every step we take in this direction aims to build a sustainable future.