Filik Textile was a dream that sprouted in 2008 through the vision of Mevlüt Filik. This vision was not merely about establishing a company; it also encompassed building the foundations of a sustainable future in harmony with nature. In every fiber and every bump, we weave not only quality but also a consciousness of preserving nature.

Under the leadership of Mevlüt Filik, with the winds of institutionalization and growth in 2019, we strengthened our goal of contributing not only to our industry but also to a greener world. With our second factory opened in 2021, we took sustainability to our core and further increased our production of recycled fibers.

Our first factory occupies 3,758 m² of enclosed space. Here, using synthetic and natural fibers such as recycled acrylic, polyester, cotton, and wool, we make the best use of the values nature offers. Our second factory hosts 12,000 m² of open and enclosed spaces, emphasizing the importance of sustainability with the production of bumps from recycled fibers.

Alongside Mevlüt Filik in management, with Murat Filik and Berkay Filik, we continue to lead the way in the textile world with an approach that is in harmony with nature. Whether domestically or internationally, from yarn to sweaters, from blankets to socks, you can see the traces of sustainability and nature preservation in Filik fiber.

With more than 100 valuable employees, our production capacity of 900,000 KG of fiber and 120,000 KG of bumps per month plays an active role not only in the textile industry but also in building a greener, more sustainable world. Filik Textile, beating in rhythm with nature, builds a sustainable future for nature and humanity, beyond just being a company.