At Filik Textile, our deep-rooted philosophy based on sustainability and environmental awareness also shapes our human resources policy. Our employees are at the center of our vision, and their professional development, occupational health and safety, as well as their personal and professional rights, are an integral part of our business practice.

Employee Development and Training: Continuous education and development of our employees is a priority for us. We provide regular training on environmental protection, sustainability, and ethical business practices, so every individual is aware of industry innovations and contributes to the company’s goal of reducing our ecological footprint.

Health and Safety: We commit to maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety. Through risk analyses and regular inspections, we aim to continuously improve the work environment and ensure a safe setting for all employees.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity: We believe in diversity and inclusion and commit to creating equal opportunities for everyone. Our recruitment processes and career development follow a principle of complete equality without discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or age. We are particularly committed to empowering women in the workforce and increasing their representation in leadership positions, as we believe the participation of women not only adds value to our company but also to society as a whole.

Working Conditions and Employee Rights: We respect the rights of our employees and follow a policy that exceeds industry standards regarding fair working hours, wages, and social rights. Additionally, we encourage a corporate culture where employees’ voices are heard, and they can comfortably share their thoughts and suggestions.

Ethics and Transparency: Ethics and transparency are fundamental to our operations. We expect honesty and openness in our relationships with all stakeholders, from our employees to our suppliers and customers.

Environmental Responsibility Awareness: We encourage our employees to participate in environmental responsibility projects and support their volunteer efforts in this area. Thus, we help them embrace sustainability principles not only in their professional lives but also personally.

At Filik Textile, in line with these principles, we aim to maximize the value and potential of our employees. Their personal and professional development guarantees the overall success of our company and the security of our sustainable future. We are committed to providing all the necessary support and resources for the empowerment and leadership of our female employees in the sector, as their contributions are our greatest strength.