As part of this journey, the skilled hands of our women gently trace the marks of life in each piece. Textile wastes are meticulously separated. These carefully selected pieces are ready to embark on a new adventure.

In this transformation process, wastes are revived into fibers. In our shredding machine, wastes are gently transformed into fibers, just as leaves blend into the soil in nature.

In the blending room, fibers carrying various stories come together to form a homogeneous whole. This process resembles the creation of harmony by different instruments in an orchestra, combining each note.

During the Garnett Opening stage, the fiber’s structure is perfected with as much care as an artist’s touch on a canvas.

In the lapper machine, fibers attain a finer and softer form, as gentle as a breeze’s touch. The carding machine aligns the fibers in order, while the drawing machine further perfects them in this beautiful journey.

In the gilling process, the fibers’ dance continues. In the combing area, they synchronize with the rhythm of automatic machines. Through the Bumps Drawing, they take their final shapes, and in the Bumps Press, the process elegantly concludes, like the final notes of a maestro’s masterpiece.

At Filik Textile, we harmoniously integrate meticulously processed fibers with various branches of the textile industry, in rhythm with nature. Throughout this process, the labor of women, the balance of nature, and the capabilities of modern technology come together to work for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Our goal is to make a mark in the industry with our innovative and sustainable approaches and leave a more livable world for future generations.